Earring Blues

Caeli has been begging us for months and months to have her ears pierced. She’s recently needed to undergo some unpleasant procedures that she hated and I told her if she can push through and do those procedures then I’ll know she’s ready to have her ears pierced.

So yesterday was the day and she was *so* excited!! We went to Dischem because a friend had taken her daughter there and said they do both ears at once…Caels couldn’t WAIT! We got to Dischem but alas….the 2nd lady that helps is on leave ‘for a while’…I told Caels that we should rather wait until she’s back but she insisted she wanted to do it then and there and didn’t mind doing it twice. She was very convincing…!!!

I guess you’re seeing where this is heading but after the first ear was pierced she lost her bottle and couldn’t go through with the second.

I took her back 3 more times to have her ears done. Each time she was all excited and keen and positive on the way into the shop, but as soon as the gun came out she freaked and couldn’t go through with it. She was under huge stress because she felt like she was a scaredy cat (her words) and a failure. :( I knew taking the one earring out could possibly help because then she could move on from the whole saga, but friends all around her are getting their ears pierced (2x neighbours and 1x school friend have had there’s done in the last week alone!!! :shock: ) and it’d be traumatic for her everytime kwim?! Just a horrible reminder.

Her teacher even arranged for a professional to come into school and do it because she figured if I wasn’t around it might be easier…but it was a no go. Caeli was gutted after every failed attempt :( I know it seems a small thing but in her life it was *huge*

SO. After much soul searching I began internet researching it….I found a piercing gun online (from a proper tattoo shop) which with shipping etc cost me R120. The gun arrived within 2 days and I still wasn’t sure I could go through with it. I read loads of articles, watched online YOUTUBE video clips and got braver. Got new sterile earrings for her, and we were off.

2 things I know about Caeli:
*She sleeps like a LOG, almost nothing will wake her when she’s really out.
*She really wants this. She wants to not have to deal with the stress/fear but she ****WANTS***** it.

Dh practised with the gun for hours (it’s surprisingly hard to aim it well, I have new respect for the piercers!!!) There was no way in hell I was using a new unknown piercing gun on my childs ears for the first time so I made dh give me 3rd holes in my ears on Thursday night, just to test everything was working properly…

On Friday night I suggested she needed to have some Ponstan for a good nights sleep which she took happily, no questions asked. Once she was asleep dh and I snuck into her room and applied Emla to her ear, covered it and watched TV for an hour. After the hour was up we removed the plaster, wiped off the Emla and sterilized her ear – throughout all of this she never once stirred! I also marked her earlobe. I then sat her upright in bed leaning against me and bear hugged her so that she couldn’t jerk and end up hurting herself.

Dh took aim and fired.

She never stirred. Not even a BLINK!

Everything went perfectly, his aim was blooming FANTASTIC and my ‘baby girl’ now finally has her 2 earrings that she was so very desperate for.

Of course dh and I were so excited that we didn’t sleep at all on Friday night – we just wanted her to wake up and boy oh boy was it ever worth it. She eventually woke up at 5.30am, and it was 6am (!!!!!) before she noticed anything :lol: She suddenly felt her earlobe and her face just transformed into the biggest grin you have ever seen. “MOM!! I have TWO earrings!!!! MOM!!! My second earring is in!!! MOM!!!!!” it was so special. We showed her the gun and told her exactly what we had done and she kept squeezing us and saying “thank you thank you thank you”.

Best. Day. EVER!

You can all shoot me down for being a terrible and irresponsible mother now :lol: but I swear I did loads and loads of research into this and it’s not something I EVER would’ve done lightly. But man oh man it worked out SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO well!!!!


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