More earring blues…

Did I really think my story would end up so simply after all the hassle we went through before?  How very naive of me!!

We went off on holiday to the Drakensberg last week-end, and whilst we were out in the middle of nowhere Caeli’s got the beginnings of an ear piercing infection.  It was in her right ear (NOT the one we pierced!!!) and it was incredible swollen and a little bit gunky.  I first panicked as we were in the middle of nowhere with no pharmacies/doctors nearby, and then acted – lucky I had Savlon and Bactroban with me, so we started our cleaning ritual.

Thankfully the swelling soon subsided and the drama was over.  Or so I thought…

On Tuesday morning Caels woke up for school and immediately cried that her ear was sore – the OTHER ear the this time, the one we *did* pierce.  😦  It was quite red but not swollen or gunky at first.  We immediately started our routine of Savlon and Bactroban but alas this time it did not work!  We ended up at the doctor’s rooms on Wednesday afternoon and Caeli is now on Antibiotics as well as twice or thrice daily vinegar washes to try and clean the ear.  There was also some cellulitis spread from her earlobe onto her cheek, so that’s what the AB’s are for!  Thankfully her ear is looking a lot better now and I think it’s healing, here’s hoping that’ll be the last of it!

We have also switched to silver earrings as we were worried that it was the cheap coated earrings that were causing a reaction.

I’m starting to wish we had never started going down this whole earring road at all!!!  But then I look at the pure joy on her face when she gets to wear new earrings and it makes it all worth it 🙂


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