Time to Detox!

So since June last year (9 months ago!!!) I’ve been feeling really quite awful…just about all of the time.  On the 13th June last year my husband was away overnight for work, and I was home alone for the kids.  He used to travel often so I wasn’t concerned at all and truth be told I was quite excited to have the house to myself for a bit.  I had big plans on what I wanted to eat, watch read etc, but after the kids were in bed and I was just starting to relax the most weird and revolting feeling came over me.  

My heart was pounding, I broke out in a cold sweat, I was dizzy, I felt nauseous and worse.  It’s hard to describe exactly what I went through but it was terrifying.  The entire episode lasted about 20 minutes but I couldn’t stop shaking and feeling cold for hours afterwards.  While it was happening I kept thinking “what if I die, what if my kids wake up to a dead mother and don’t know what to do”.  It was without a doubt the scariest thing I have ever experienced.  As fluke would have it my husband didn’t have any cell reception where he was, it was pouring with rain, and both my neighbours’ (that my children know and might run to in an emergency) were away for the week-end.  And the only cellphone number Caeli knows is mine.  

Anyhow the whole situation took it’s toll on me but I tried to convince myself it was a one-off.  Happily I woke up the next morning and life carried on.  Except…more and more I was having funny turns.  I’ve had chest pains (surface pains, not heart pains), dizziness, vertigo, foggy head, hot flushes, shakes, pins & needles…I can’t even remember everything but just some really nasty symptoms.  Every few weeks it happens again, and every time I’m convinced I’m dying..after it fades I feel so normal that I just know nothing is wrong with me.  It’s all been very unsettling and most confusing!

Of course I have been back to the doc 3/4 times…2x different GP’s and also an endocrinolgist….had loads of tests done but everything so far has come back fine.  Everyone seems to think it’s just anxiety but it just doesn’t ring true to me.

Today I went to a lady that my mom has been begging me to go to.  To my great shame I don’t even know what she calls herself, but she basically plugged me into her computer and ‘read’ my body.  She checks the body for toxins and can actually check all the organs – it was fascinating!

Apparently I’m chock-full of toxins and have started a hectic detox program.  As of today for the next 3 weeks I’m not allowed:







My system was a complete mess according to the computer and the woman was shocked that I don’t feel even worse than I do!  

So here’s hoping that the detox works miracles, and that I start healing and just feeling loads and loads better.  And that I have the will power to kick this detox butt! 🙂  I kinda live on bread, pasta and chocolate..not to mention my week-end booze, so this will be challenging but I’m determined to do it and do it right!

I will keep you posted! 


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