With open eyes…

So today is Day 3 of the detox, and so far so good.  I have been extremely strict and so far it’s been far easier than I anticipated.  Of course by Day 10 (or even Day 4) I might be singing an entirely different tune, but for now I am satisfied that I won’t starve!

I have just enjoyed the most delicious supper of Bean Soup with toasted Rye Bread.  It was honestly absolutely divine…and all the better because I know that it was properly healthy for me!  

I have to say that I always thought I had a fairly healthy diet…we eat lean meats, loads of veggies and salads etc – BUT now that I have to anally check labels etc I’m quite horrified by what nonsense goes into even the most simple seeming foods.  e.g. Cold Meats (which I know are not great for you anyway, so i don’t often buy them) have sugar AND yeast in them.  For reals!  And I found a Maize Pasta which has in tiny print on the back “Not suitable for people with wheat allergies” and “Maize flour is made using genetically modified products”.  What?  Seriously?!?!???

I know it’s early days and all but I’m honestly feeling pretty good right now, and I think I may just stick to this way of eating for a while yet.  Maybe not as strictly, but I’ll certainly try to keep my wheat and sugar intake a lot lower than I have in the past!

I haven’t really suffered with headaches during my detox (but I hardly ever have caffeine anyway so I presume that’s a large reason why)…I had slight, slight nausea today and the odd stomach twinge, but honestly compared to the way I have been feeling this is a walk in the park.  Here’s hoping it isn’t just the calm before the storm 🙂

If this is the big change, the magical cure I will be so unbelievable grateful.  I’ll…. I’ll…. I’ll…. I’ll have to think of some grand gesture to insert here.  At the moment it’s just too scary to believe that whatever I have may actually be curable.  


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