Week 1…NAILED it!

Week 1 of the detox is over! Only 2 weeks to go!
I have to admit that this week has been surprisingly easy – I’ve lived on a diet of mainly salad, veggies, meat, eggs. I have discovered a love for both Rye Bread (who knew??) and quinoa (gluten free grain, it’s DELICIOUS!). I haven’t had any of the terrible detox symptoms people talk about, aaaaaand I must say so far so good…I’m definitely feeling less bloated, had less stomach aches, and generally more alert. I think.

Today I struggled a little bit with just wanting chocolate. Not craving it, not desperate for it..but just feeling like it. It’s a bit rough at the moment with less than a week to go until Easter and chocolate, chocolate EVERYWHERE…but I’ll push through and I’ll be fine!

On an unrelated note, Caeli has this rash again that’s driving me mental! She started up with a weird rash on her arms and legs at the end of December. It looks similar to a ringworm but there are loads of circles and they are not as raised/dry. Inside her arms (between armpit and elbow) and on the insides of her upper legs. We tried anti-fungals, Allergex, Celestamine etc but nothing seems to work. They keep going away in their own time but within a couple of weeks they are back. It’s driving me nuts! We’ve been to the GP about it but now i’m thinking of going to the homeopath. I am sadly a bit OTT when it comes to my kids (or I’m sure my husband would say – with EVERYTHING) but I really hate it when there is anything wrong with them. They’re my babies and I adore them and I just want everything to be fine with them *sigh*. Thankfully the rash doesn’t hurt / itch / anything so at least it’s not troubling her, only me…the joys of motherhood đŸ™‚ đŸ™‚

That’s all for tonight…


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