Had another one of my ‘episodes’ yesterday, and not feeling great at all today.  I hate this, I absolutely hate it and am feeling so very down about it all.  This one was just 5.5 weeks after the last, whereas the previous 2 have been 6 and 7 weeks apart respectively.  The gaps are meant to be getting BIGGER not smaller 😦  I just don’t know how much longer I can go on like this, I live in terror that there is something awful wrong with me.

On a positive note though my episode *was* much milder than it’s been in the past.  I had some chest pain and then my fever-like chills followed an hour or two later by the sweat and heat that comes with a fever breaking.  My face feels slightly flushed today, chest still a bit sore and fingertips tingly but overall it’s much better than before.  No funny feelings in my head, no fogginess etc…so I guess Miggie might just know what she is doing after all.  **fingers crossed**…maybe I just need more time.

I am so over this.



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