Monthly Archives: August 2012

Caution – adventure up ahead!

We’re doing it! We’re moving our whole lives to the Isle of Man!

This update has been a long time in coming but we have really hit the ground running since we got back 5 weeks ago.

Since then we have:

*Notified friends and family of our plans
*Found a house on the island
*Found a school and gotten our kids into said school
*Rehomed our dogs (:’-( )
*Have a show house planned for 2 days time

Rehoming the dog is easily that hardest thing I’ve had to go through in a long time. We absolutely love our doggies and it was so heart wrenching letting them go, but we feel confident that we have made the best decision for them. We also managed to find them a really super home and best of all they were able to stay together!!!! The lovely lady that has taken them on has been brilliant about sms’ing us with updates since they went on Wednesday, so we have been rest assured that they are well taken care of!

At the moment we’re in a mad rush to get the house organised and prettied up for the showing on Thursday, nerve wracking…eeeeek!!! Tomorrow the house will be an absolute hive of activity as loads of people come in to do odd jobs around the place.

Think of us…..