House selling woes!

I know I’m jumping the gun here…truly I do…but our house has been viewed by about 15 people and we still haven’t had any offers!  😦  Two people have come really close, but then something turned them away, it’s all very depressing.  To make matters worse we don’t have any more viewings lined up at the moment, so we’re feeling rather despondent this side.  (I have to say it’s only been on the market for under a month but we’re under time pressure here!!!) 

Apart from that all the other odds and ends are starting to come together – I sat my IELTS exam yesterday and I have to say it wasn’t anywhere nearly as bad as I feared.  I’m confident that I’ve nailed it and look forward to receiving my results in +/- 2 weeks.  In the meantime I’m in the throes of completing paperwork so that I can submit everything the second my IELTS results come in.  We suddenly realised that with visas taking 2-3 months to be granted we are suddenly somewhat under pressure for our ideal leaving date of end December.

All else is well – I still absolutely love my job and will miss it dreadfully next year.  Teaching 2 and 3 year olds is incredibly special indeed! Caeli and Jamie are as gorgeous as ever and are getting quite excited about the impending move…Caeli keeps begging us to book our flights which of course we can’t do until the visa has been granted!  Once the house gets sold we’ll be able to send our container and I think that’ll be another huge step in amping up the excitement for the kids!  

Please send huge selling vibes our way, we desperately need them!


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