*Dance of Joy*

We sold our house! We sold our house! So much of excitement and WHAT a relief!

We got a cash offer and a hefty deposit has been paid to the conveyancers, so it seems very unlikely that anything might fall through at this stage of the game.  I have this week busied myself with getting electrical, gas and entomolgy compliance – gas and entomology were perfect, there area  few snags with electrical but doesn’t seem to be anything too earth shattering.   Hopefully they’ll be back to sort it out within a few days. And then it’ll really be under way!

Leon has been away on business for 2 weeks (he gets back on Sunday) and I think we’ll start getting really busy once he’s back here.  Whilst away he was staying in our new house over in the Isle of Man and seemed to really enjoy it.  He Skyped me from the new place and gave me a 360-degree tour of it which was brilliant, very exciting. The house is MUCH bigger than ours (how am I going to clean it?!?!) and a bit old fashioned in places but honestly it’s perfect.  It’s warm inviting, there’s loads of space for the kids to much about when the weather is bad…it’ll do us beautifully!

Once Leon is back we’ll book the container and it seems that we’re angling to send it mid-November.  That’s less than 2 weeks from now!  I cannot fathom how bizarre it’ll be when all our things get loaded up and carried away, and we spend another 6 weeks floating around without all our paraphernalia to anchor us down. Living out of a suitcase for 6 weeks…ugh!

The kids are currently going through a patch of denial I think.  To be fair it’s hard to conceptualize what is about to happen when everything around us still appears to be so NORMAL – we still got o school every day, we have all our stuff around us…apart from still missing the doggies dreadfully nothing else has really changed at all.  I do fear that it’s going to be rather a large shock to them once the container has gone and everything goes belly up, but hopefully we can turn it into an exciting adventure for them!


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