Caeli has been sick. I have been stressed.

What is it about sick children that turn most mothers (well if they’re like me at least) into worried, gibbering idiots? 

On Wednesday afternoon I thought Caeli felt a bit warm.  My darling husband told me I was paranoid, and the thermometer echoed his sentiments.  Nevertheless I phoned my mum and told her I had a feeling Caeli was getting sick and asked her to be on standby for the following day.  Sadly my mothers intuition was spot-on and poor Caels ended up with a raging fever that night!  Since Wednesday she has kept spiking at least 2 temps a day, and was very poorly.  She complained of headaches, had a cough, and was very weak/fatigued.  I’m not sure whether this bug has hit her particularly hard or if she has simply reached an age where she feels sick, rather than toddlers who ignore whatever they are feeling and just carry on going anyway!  

Either way this bout of sickness has exhausted me emotionally.  Every time she coughs I feel a knot in my stomach, and every time she starts getting warm again I just feel ill.  I suspect it’s partly to do with the fact that she almost never gets ill – to see her lethargically splayed across the couch with dark circles under her eyes just seems so very wrong to me, it panics me completely!

On a happier level she seems much better today (if still very weak / lethargic) and has had no temps yet so I am tentatively hoping that the worst may be over!  I’m looking so forward to her getting back to her bouncy and lively self 🙂 Even if that means back chatting me and annoying her baby brother 🙂 🙂

Aaaaaaaand here’s hoping said baby brother doesn’t catch the bug next!



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