Greetings from the Other Side.

So we are here – we have been in the Isle of Man for just over a week and we are doing okay.

The past few weeks have been absolutely hectic, our container left with all our stuff on the 12 November and we spent a month camping in our house on blow up mattresses and camping chairs.  We then spent a few wonderful days living in my parents house, a week in Cape Town with the in-laws (such a nice break!), a few days in Vryheid with all my extended family and then back to a few days with my folks before flying out.  Emotions were running high and it really was just a whirlwind but it was good.

Except for the goodbyes.  My word they were traumatic.  I can’t even explain how difficult it is to say goodbye to people that have been such a huge part of your life forever.  I am devastated not to be living close to my ‘nearest’ (emotionally speacking obviously) and dearest, yet there have been aspects of the move that have assured me that we are in fact doing the right thing, and that helps me get through from day to day.

So far this week in our new house has been frantically busy – it’s hard work stocking up a brand new house, looking for cars, getting the kids kitted out for school etc, but it’s been a nice distraction from my emotions and just plain fun to do lots of shopping.

The weather here is cold.  Really COLD.  But fresh and crisp and lovely in it’s own way (although I’m sure that’ll get old eventually too).  We have gotten into a nice routine of putting on hats, coats and gloves when we go out and honestly with proper clothing it’s not too bad.  We have been blessed with minimal rain since our arrival and I can imagine that gets a bit much very quickly, so hoping for a fairly dry year ahead 🙂

Of course there was another bombshell dropped on us just 2 weeks before we left for our new lives.  I had been feeling a bit funny and decided to POAS. Well imagine my surprise when it turned out positive.  I couldn’t believe it – and in many ways I still can’t believe it!  I’ve been blessed with minimal nausea and have managed to pretty much keep on going but yoh – it seems like we’ll be welcoming a new (Manx!) baby into the fold come August 2013.  Eeeeeeek!!!


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