Hit by a (Flu) Truck!

Since baby Joseph was born I have been desperate to get back to gym.  After giving birth to, and losing my beautiful baby boy I just wanted to get out there and MOVE!  It was such an insult to be stuck with all the painful, ugly after effects of pregnancy and birth (the pain, the bleeding, the leaking breasts, the flabby tummy etc) but no baby, no wonderful joy…nothing.  I was determined to get my body back to normal as soon as possible.

I very patiently impatiently waited until 2 weeks were up and at 2 weeks on the dot I hit the gym.  I did a Zumba class followed by 3km on the treadmill and I felt wonderful: fit, strong and healthy and I thought I’m BACK!  Of course no so when 3 hours later every muscle in my body started aching.  It got worse and worse until I just couldn’t stand up anymore.  My face felt flaming hot…I had the chills…yep – you guessed it! I had the flu.  Just like that, out of the blue!

Since Wednesday I have been (wo)man DOWN.  I have seriously been struggling – battling to get down temps, lethargic, shaky, shivery and just felt really awful.  And my throat!!! It feels like I am swallowing broken shards of glass all the time.  Ridiculous!!!

I have been fairly good, spent all of Friday and yesterday in bed reading, dozing and resting.  Today I only got up at about 11am but since then I have been able to put on a load of washing, unpack the dishwasher and sit at the computer for a little bit so I must be at least somewhat on the mend!

We are flying to London on Thursday so I have, have, HAVE to be better by then!!!! I cannot believe how badly this flu has knocked me! Thank goodness my wonderful husband has been great about letting me just rest while he took up the slack with feeding the kids etc.  I’m lucky to have him.


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