Time Flies (when you’re having fun!)

Is it possible that 8 months have passed since my last blog post? I am honestly shocked and stunned! I don’t even know what on earth has kept me busy in all that time but somehow I have been extremely busy – I find myself constantly rushing from pillar to post, always running just a little bit late, always trying to catch up but never *quite* getting there.

The past few months have been incredible.  After losing Baby J in February we found ourselves in a bit of a slump, which is of course completely understandable.  Maybe even mandatory.  It was an awful, awful thing to go through and though I wish with all my heart that things could have been different I do feel that we are healing.  There have been signs along the way that have helped me see that Baby J is watching over us, and that has been a huge comfort to me.  My 2 little monkeys seem to have dealt well with the loss as well…my lovely friend recommended a wonderful book – “We were gonna have a baby, but had an angel instead” which we looked through a few times.  It is an absolutely beautifully written book and helped all of us…it is written from the point of view of the child and doesn’t sugar coat matters.  It helps the children pinpoint their feelings and shows them that what they are feeling is completely normal and acceptable.  I absolutely love this book and it has me in floods of tears every time I open it – so beautifully written!!!

As for hubby and I, well we have immersed ourselves back into ‘The Real World’.  Reality is that life does go on and so have we.  We miss our baby boy and certain dates (for instance our EDD) have been incredibly difficult but they are moments…the rest of our lives are filled with joy and laughter and happiness again.  We are strong.  We have not spoken about whether or not we will try again.  I don’t think either of us are certain of what we want at this point and until we decide there really is no point in rehashing it all the time.  We shall see…but for now we are good.

Life on the Isle of Man has been really good to us.  Of course we miss our families dreadfully (a lovely 7 week holiday at HOME in South Africa during our Summer holiday helped immensely though!) but we do absolutely love living here.  We have been blessed with some incredible friends, work is good, kids are settled – life is generally great.  I myself have managed to find myself a lovely part time job which is keeping me out of mischief.  Happiness!

As always THIS family is completely Christmas Mad and living in a place that is just as christmas mad as us is BLISSFUL!  It is only end November and already there are christmas lights and carols everywhere, and the shops are awash with decorations, arts and crafts materials (christmas themed of course) and more.  It is *glorious*.  As we have done for the past few years (I think this is year  4? Maybe even 5!) we are doing an Advent Activity Calendar (AAC) as well as the more usual chocolate calendar.

Well what is an Advent Activity Calendar? I hear you ask.  From the 1 December – 24 December the children in the family are tasked with Christmas related activities to help build up the Christmas spirit and excitement.  These activities can be used to do kind deeds, or to enjoy some special family time, or to get the kids helping around the house…anything goes as long as it’s fun! This year we have started early (today in fact!) as we are going off on holiday on the 21 December and want our AAC to be completed by then.  Also I just couldn’t WAIT any longer to start.  This year we have 27 activities planned (taking us up to the 20 December) and I will try my best to document them here!

In our house Santa drops off a note every night detailing what the families task is for the next day…sometimes little props/gifts are left as well, other times it is just a note.  It all depends on what needs doing.  This year for the first time I have included some giving elements to the AAC…now that my kids are getting bigger (8years and 6years old) I really want them to begin enjoying the act of giving.  We have already done our shoe-boxes and I am proud to say that they LOVED preparing those and passing them on.  So here’s hoping the rest of the giving activities go well too.

Which finally brings us to today’s note:

done7 - Copy


This note was left with some christmas themed dress up (santa hats, reindeer antlers, elf hat, tinsel and baubles) and we had lots of fun taking some family pics. How blessed are we???



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