Day 2 (AAC)

So the AAC (Activity Advent Calendar) is doing really well so far! The kids are L*O*V*I*N*G it and their enthusiasm and joy just makes it so worthwhile.  I cannot wait for them to hop into bed every night so that I can sort out jobs for the next days agenda.

For day 2 Santa was a little bit naughty and hid the note in a new spot (instead of the usual fireplace).  They came back upstairs disappointed but determined that it must just be too early…they would not even entertain the thought the Santa might not have come! On the second jaunt downstairs they quickly spotted their new task (a very easy one for Day 2 to keep morale high)… how precious are these two little guys!

Caeli’s new pet has been named “Murray” (“Murray Christmas”) and Jamie’s is “Santa”.  Beautiful but heart-wrenching when James looked at me with absolute joy and said “Now we finally have a puppy again hey mommy”.  Wish we could get a real one.  *sigh*  One day when we’re big…these will have to do for now though 🙂




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