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Days 19 & 20 (AAC)

Neither days 19 or 20 have pics attached to them I’m afraid!

Day 19 is one of the children’s firm favourites and Mommy’s least favourite – “Tonight…eat dessert before dinner”.  They had some lovely Thornton’s choccies left with the note and munched them happily just before their pizza dinner (Mom’s Night Off!) – fantastic!

Day 20 is Mommy and Daddy’s favourite 🙂 Santa left a note requesting that the children buy Mommy and Daddy a christmas gift.  He also very generously left 2x £10 notes behind! The children are in charge of buying the gifts, wrapping them and making special cards for them – the idea is that they are to be a complete surprise to us on Christmas Day.  Yay!!! We were told about the note and the money so that we could take them to the shops this afternoon.  Hubby and I loitered around the shop entrance while Caeli and Jamie ambled and argued about what we would and wouldn’t like.  All I know so far is that they considered a Lever Arch file for me (in which to file some photo’s), and when hubby suggested something I *do* want (a new clutch bag) it was instantly veto’ed as apparently “Mommy has plenty of handbags already and she doesn’t need more!” Love it!!!! They finally agreed on a couple of things and left the shops clutching their bags very proudly – Happy Days!! 🙂

On a vaguely related note – you’ll remember a few days ago we had a day of doing Random Acts of Kindness for others, and one of the things we chose to do was to leave out some packs of biscuits for our lovely Postmen and women that do such wonderful work for us every day.  The kids made lovely cards to go with the biscuits and really put a lot of thought into everything.  Well it was with GREAT excitement that we received a *lovely* Christmas Card from our very Postman through the letterbox today! It simply made our day – he was so very appreciative of the gesture and the warm and fuzzies we got today truly showed us that giving really can be better than receiving, as well as showing us how far a simple Thank You can go.  This will definitely have to become something we do again soon!


Day 18 (AAC)

Today Caeli and Jamie were asked to make a hand- and footprint reindeer which was great fun.  We finally got to use paint, sparkly pom-poms AND the bells….what could be better?! I was absolutely shocked by how big their feet are already, Caeli’s reindeer didn’t even fit on one A4 piece of paper any more – we had to tape two together! Time is going waaaaay too fast! 

Enjoy 🙂


Day 17 (AAC)

Today the kids were asked to make a Christmas Craft – any christmas craft! Alongside the note they were also given a book of Christmas Crafts to use for inspiration – I totally left them to their own devices and leave you with their creations.  They decided to hang them up on their bedroom doors alongside their other decor – it’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas around here 🙂 I LOVE it !



Day 16 (AAC)

Today Santa requested that the children get creative and decorate their bedroom doors! Unfortunately due to time constraints (Jamie had his school concert tonight so we were busy busy – he was BRILLIANT by the way…the best, in fact!) they did not have time to finish but they had about an hour in which to get their creative juices flowing and have made a jolly good start.  I do think Santa will be most pleased 🙂 


Day 15 (AAC)

Monday’s are busy days for us and so it was very lucky that Santa chose a fairly easy yet VERY enjoyable task.

We were to gather together in the lounge in the evening with the christmas lights on, enjoying some christmas books along with hot chocolate and freshly baked chocolate muffins.  Was delicious and loads of fun.  We chose 4 story books – and each of us read a whole book to the rest of the family! So proud of my clever reading children 🙂 🙂

(PS for some reason our light-reindeer does not photograph well but he is GORGEOUS is real life, hee!)


Day 14 (AAC)

Today Santa returned the kids puppets from a week or two again with a note saying that he was grateful for their hard work, that the puppets were perfect and that he was now done with them.  The puppets were back for the kids to keep and their job was to make up and perform a puppet show for their lovely parents.  It was very entertaining, a show that ended off teaching us about the true meaning of Christmas – being kind, cheerful and giving.  Very special.


Day 13 cont…

I just wanted to show you the end result of our Postman ROAK.  We left the biscuits outside the front door along with a poster that Caeli penned, and christmas cards.  One of the parcel postmen even popped a ‘Thank you and Merry Christmas’ back through the letterbox which was most exciting and heartwarming.

Definitely one of our best activities so far!