Day 9 (AAC)

Day 9 is one that I find particularly interesting.  Santa instructed us to each put our names into a hat and then each randomly to draw one name.  We then each had to write a special note to the person whose name we drew, detailing why we love them and what we find so special about them.  It was a big secret as to who drew whose names, and we all (very secretively) set to work writing our special notes.  Santa will collect them tonight and then place them into our stockings on Christmas morning – I cannot wait to see what they all say!

So happy again that we are doing this activity advent calendar – the kids really do genuinely love it.  I have to confess that they do have a regular chocolate advent calendar as well (which they received as gifts) but honestly THIS is the one that they truly love and appreciate.  Yes it takes a bit of time and organisation but seeing the excitement on their faces every morning when they race downstairs to see whether or not a note has been left…it’s more than worth it every. day.

Roll on tomorrows activity….

Night all 🙂


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